It’s best you know the weight of the items you’re order to help you estimate  the cost of shipping. to aid you estimate the shipping oosts, we have provided you with a rough guide of how much items weigh.  *Please notice that the parcel weight will based on the real weight of your items.


Item Weight
Bag 770g
Hat 130g
Sunglass 180g
Underwear 80g
Trousers 330g
T-shirt 300g
Dress 380g
Watch 340g
Suits 530g
Shoes 1.1kg
Shirt 280g
Purse 210g
Scarf 190g
Laptop 2.3 kg
Belts/Chains 200g
Doll/accessories 110
Smartphone in box 500g
Tablet/IPAD 7 inches | 10 inches 400g | 550g
Hair Accessories 30g
Bracelet 40g
Ring 20g
Necklace 60g
Jewelry box/display shelf  470g
Earrings 20g
Weave 60g
Nail polish/nail art products 130g