Where Do We Ship To?

We deal with Ghana mainly but, if you’d like to access our service from a different country, Send us a message and arrangements can be made. 

What can I not ship?

We can generally ship most things, but there are some restrictions on items that cannot be shipped. Air freight places a lot of restriction on items that can be shipped, Such items can alternatively be shipped via Sea freight.

  • Prohibited Items may fall under these categories:
  • That are designed to hurt people
  • That can explode or catch fire on aircraft
  • That are illegal in your country
  • That are illegal in the country of the Bongo facility

You can find the prohibited items list here

How Do I Enter The ShopToGH Address When Ordering?

Visit our address formatting page to learn how to enter the address properly when making an order online.

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge 10% of the total of your orders which includes the ‘Domestic Shippping’.

For Example: If your order total is £100, Our charges will be £10.

What If The Website Only Accepts UK Bank Cards?

If the Website you want to shop only accepts UK bank card, you can you our Buy4Me services and will persoanally order the items for you once the payment has been made into our Ghana Bank Account.

How Do I Make Payment

Payment is made to our Bank Account in Ghana, Details can be found on your ‘My Account‘ page

Would You Bid On Ebay For Me?

Sorry we do not do bidding, only ‘Buy it now’ items.

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