Buy For Me Service

We’ll Help You Buy Whatever You Want

STEP 1. Complete Order For Me Forms

STEP 2. We Order your items for you 

STEP 3. We Notify You When Your Orders are delivered to out warehouse.

Fees & Charges

10% of (Total Order + Domestic shipping fee)

*First payment:

Item fee + Domestic shipping fee.

*Second payment:

Service fee + International shipping fee + Storage fee (free for 30 days) + Insurance fee (optional)

How It Works

Tell Us What You Want

Tell us what items you want by completing the  Buy4Me order form, Add the URL and product attributes (size, colour etc).

Availability & Order

We’ll check if the items are available and we’ll notify you of the total price including Domestic Shipping and our fees

You then pay the *First Payment (Order Total and Domestic [UK] shipping) into our Ghana Bank Account.

Order Your Items

We’ll Order your items and notify you when its been delivered. You can then decide whether to consolidate you order and choose the shipping method.

You then pay for International Delivery to Ghana and Our Fees.

International Shipping

We’ll check and package your items per your instructions and your package will be shipped to you via your preferred shipping method.