Many UK online stores don’t offer international shipping to Ghana, Use our service to gain access to any UK store. Whether you’re shopping from Amazon, eBay,Currys, Zara, H&M…… ShopTogh offers you the fastest and lowest cost shipping all the way to Ghana. It’s that easy.

When you shop on UK websites, enter your ShopToGh address as your delivery address at checkout.

We contact you when your order is delivered to our warehouse.

Consolidate all your orders from different shops into a single package to save on shipping costs.

We Ship your package to to you via your chosen shipping method.

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Specialist In UK To Ghana Forwarding

Shop To UK Address

The UK is you oyster, shop online on any UK website and have it delivered to a UK address

Free Order Consolidation

Per your request, we can combine all you orders into one for you convenience and also to save on shipping cost

Buying Service

With our Buy4Me services, We can order whatever you in the UK for you. Complete our Buy4Me Form to make an order.

Free Storage

We’ll Store you orders for free up to 30days.